Reyners stays at Rhinos

5 February 2019

Ashley Reyners

GOALKEEPER Ashley Reyners will remain a Black Rhinos player after the army side did not agree with Premiership debutants Manica Diamond.

Rayners has since began training with Black Rhinos where he has a running contract which expires in December.

However, even after failing to complete his move to the rich PSL newbies, Reyners said he will still get better offers in the future.

“If I continue working hard I am positive I will get better offers in future.

“I know good deals like that one come once in a while but who knows what the future really holds.

“It’s now history, no hard feelings. I am now focused on being back and better at Rhinos,” Reyners told H-Metro.

He added:

“I also thought I was going to face new challenges and be in a new environment as well.

“But here I am now, I did not go. The clearance did not materialise. I can’t say it’s like taking a step backwards maybe it was meant to be that way,” he added.

Last season, Reyners had a bittersweet campaign as he struggled to get consistence. He would be a hero in one game, providing brilliant saves, and then fall to zero in the next game conceding silly goals that saw him ending the season with 12 clean sheets.

Reyners said he is looking forward to a great season, play at his best and hopefully attract a better team for next season.

“Nothing has changed in-terms of my targets for this season. I am looking forward to have a much improved season regarding my performance.

“For this season I am targeting 19 clean sheets. I also want to win the Golden glove, get a national team call up.

“I am going to work very hard to my dreams come a reality,” he said.

Source: hmetro

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