People judge me: Misred

Radio and Television personality, Samantha “Misred” Musa says the build-up to Jah Prayzah’s latest video, Kune Rima, helped her discover people’s true characters.

MisRed (real name Samantha Mussa)
MisRed (real name Samantha Mussa)

When Misred started posting pictures taken during the video shoot, she came under fierce criticism from moral judges and she discovered that some of the people she deemed friends were on the forefront despising her.

in an exclusive interview with H-Metro yesterday following the official release of the video on YouTube, Misred said she is grateful that it helped her learn more about people around her.

“I saw people’s true character I had “friends” say the nastiest things about me in groups and l had to keep a straight face, women who were ready to judge me and even claim they had  “V11’s” just to be at the top of the story but I’m grateful for that too. It’s all part of the process. The Rednation was there to defend through and through!!! They rejected all inappropriate comments and all rumor, some were even saying “until she addresses us, it didn’t happen “I Love my fans really”.

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She was responding to questions around her role in the Kune Rima video.

Question: Had you done videos before?

Answer: Officially this was my first music video. Previously I did a skit collaboration with Bustop TV, which wasn’t a music video as such in 2017.

Q: Did Jah Prayzah approach you with the idea?

A: Jah Prayzah approached me with the idea, he wanted a vintage feel to the video and he said i was the missing piece to the concept and so we got to work.

Q: How did you find it working with Jah Prayzah’s team?

A: The team was big. Jah Prayzah is very professional and he is also very hands on with his work. Blaqs who directed the video is a genius when given the creative licence and the rest of the team was so accomodation to my team and I’s general needs. Award winning designer Thembani Mbochwa did our wardrobe and styling. Tsungi Makwanya did make up.

Q: Given your role in the media, were you not worried about conflict of interest in taking up the project?

A: The beauty of media is that it is diversified, yes I’m a radio personality but I’m also a television personality, social media personality, it’s vast and not limiting! I’m lucky that ZiFMstereo encourages us to explore our talent as far as we can but I’m also play listed on radio so the really isn’t conflict.

Q: The build up to the video release included a series of controversial pictures on social media, how was the experience?

A: The collaboration of my team and Jah Prayzah’s team was interesting because both sides have global vision with regards to PR and collective innovation was at the forefront. It was tough emotionally but it was necessary.

Q: Still on the pictures, some critics have been saying Jah Prayzah’s wife is very strong, especially after the ones this weekend where you were seemingly cuddling, what would you say about that?

A: Mai Mukombe is a star player, she was part of the process and again Jah Prayzah is extremely professional. People will always have opinions but at the end of the day we wanted to create great content for the fans who truly appreciate Jah Prayzah’s music and love Misred the Personality.

Q: How did you handle the hostile comments aimed at you on the various social media platforms?

A: l’m an extremely vocal person online and l don’t shy away from responding to negativity because l’m also human, but on this one l had to take a back seat! It was hard, my management actually wanted to change my social media passwords because they know me well lol but l think l was calm enough lol.

Q: Did you have to explain yourself to your family with regards to the teaser pictures?

A: Yes l was getting calls from my family and I was just like “but you guys know me better”. My dad still doesn’t know though but I hope I H-Metro will keep the secret lol.

Q: Before agreeing to a video shoot, what are the things you value or demand from the other party?

A: I am not really a music video type of girl, I’m interested in creating brilliant content with people who get my craziness. Don’t think i will really do another music video after this but i have a standard rider, I work with specific glam team, so if that’s not there it may not happen! We have to also have great chemistry, I have to be comfortable enough with your vision and most importantly l have to be sure we can both successfully execute on the deliverables.

Q: Having started like this, what is in store for the remainder of 2019?

A: If I tell you now, it wouldn’t be fun!!! All I know is that people won’t have time to stop talking, we shall give them everything this year.

Source: Nehanda Radio

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