Twitter Stories: Nigerian man says he refused to go for a wedding because the groom is gay and is sleeping with one of his groomsmen

I have no problem with any adult been gay,i still maintain that all sins are equal,if today you’ve told a lie your no different from a gay man/woman.What i won’t take 1.A gay man/woman preying on a child,it’ll be better a stone was tied on your throat than what will await you. 2.A man of God,priest,pastor,iman been gay “it is abomination,retire and leave your truth stop defiling the house of God a man lieing about his sexualty to a woman,marries her and brings diseasz to her,it’ll b better you not be married and continue doing your thing! You’ll come out and leave your truth,distribute your hiv/aids amongst yourselfz,So the population would reduce and leave women and children. “leave your life as long as you hurt no one”

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