Mambokadzi founder wants to empower women

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Tonderai ZvimbaShowbiz Reporter

Mambokadzi founder, Enisia Mashusha, has launched an online talk show to explore topical issues affecting female artistes in the arts industry. 

Called Enisia’s A-List Show, the show also tackles issues which affect women in general and tries to come up with solutions.

The dancer, who last year made sensational claims that Prophet Walter Magaya was a sex predator preying on desperate women who work for him, has always been against the abuse of women.

Her first theatre production with Mambokadzi was based on challenges that women face and for this online show she said she was inspired by her desire to see women being respected in society and become leaders.

“It’s my desire to see women become leaders and gaining the respect that they deserve in our society. I started this show because of the need to fight for justice and hope to see the girl child free from abuse which is very prevalent in our society,” she said. 

The show, which launched last Friday, is being run on Facebook under the Enisia Mashusha official-The A list Show page. It will be broadcast every Friday at 9PM. 

Enisia who together with Mambokadzi left Zimbabwe for the UK in 2016, said for the shooting of the show, she alternates between pre-recorded and live shows.

“Since I’m living in the UK, I do some interviews through live Facebook videos and some shows are pre-recorded. For this week’s show, I’ll be interviewing Eunice Chikowore, an actress and Tinashe Jonas, the President of Ideal Zimbabwe.

“We’ll discuss the effects of name-calling female artistes among many other topics.”

On the first show, Enisia hosted singer, dancer and actress Dalma Chiwereva who shared her experiences in the arts industry.

She spoke about the way women are being sexually harassed in the local film industry whereby some film/movie directors are asking for sexual favours in exchange for roles.

Having been in the local arts industry for years, Enisia said she wants her show to reach many people in order to impact on their lives.

She said Mambokadzi, an all-female group which was formed in 2005 and won the hearts of many because of their decent dances and dressing, was no longer into dancing. 

“We diversified from a dance group to producing plays. I realised that most of the time, I was grooming people and when they were at their peak, they’d get married then I’d lose them. I’d have to start all over again so I decided to focus on theatre.”

For now, Enisia who got her acting, singing and dancing skills from Amakhosi Theatre where she was groomed, from 1994 to 2001, said all her focus was on the online show.

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