MDC Reaffirms Commitment To Peace

Farai Dziva|The August 16 demonstration is act of love-meant to resscue the people of Zimbabwe from the wrath of a ruthless regime, MDC Secretary for Healing, Peace and Reconciliation, Blessing Chebundo has said.

Below is Chebundo’s statement on the coming demonstration scheduled for Friday August 16.

The MDC acknowledges the statement by the country’s constructional Institution for peace, NPRC (mandated in terms of section 252 of the country’s constitution) urging for the observance, and maintenance of peace during the People’s constitutional notified demonstration set for the 16th of August 2019…to press for resolutions to the hosts of current challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe.

NPRC observed that the MDC organised demonstration is constitutionally as enshrined under Section 59 of the constitution, and that the demonstration should be respected, and not violated.

NPRC also urged MDC to ensure that the demonstrations against the hardships experienced by the people of Zimbabwe are peaceful held. That those demonstrating should be restrained, and desist from any acts contrary to peace.

On its part, the MDC would like to assure the country’s Peace Institution, the NPRC, and the entirety of the world community that the MDC has, and will remain a peace loving institution; God fearing institution, led by God fearing leadership, with clean, bloodless hands. The calling of peaceful demonstration is an act of love of the people against man-made induced economic hardships that are decimating the Zimbabwe people’s emancipation instalmentally.

The calls by NPRC to those who are making violence fermenting statements against the peaceful called demonstrations are welcome. However, in its statement, NPRC mentioned only the leadership of ZANU PF youths, but we urge the Peace institution, as mandated by the constitution, to confront without fear and favour, all those fermenting for violence.

It is on record that the deputy minister of Defence, Victor Matemadanda, and Energy Mutodi, have been uttering intimidation and calling for use of army etc against the peaceful demonstrators.

Similar statements by minister of Home affairs Mr Cain Matema have the same effects. In addition, there are clandestine activities attributed to state agencies and others who are anti-people demonstrations, diabolically manufacturing tactics to try and portray MDC as violent party, such as printing of MDC regalia for use by ZANU PF youths impersonating MDC youths and cause violence during the demonstration. State agencies as usually, using other intimidating tactics, as well as fabricating stories and accusatory messages to incite violence thereby justifying claims that the MDC demonstrators were violent.

While we appreciate, and applause the NPRC statement, we also urge them to specifically call upon those violating the constitution by daring to cause violence during the peaceful demonstrators, such as the Matemadandas.

Further, we urge NPRC to device and employ many other measures such as technological monitoring of the peaceful demonstrations processes to ascertain, and detect violators of peace for deterrent, exposure, prosecution evidence, and future prevention of recurrences.

Indeed the people of Zimbabwe are tired of violence: they are tired of oppression by regimes; they are tired of economic induced hardships; they are tired of induced corruption virus; they are angry and tired of state sponsored intimidations; injustices; they are tired of endless man made failures.

Once more, we assure of MDC’s commitment to Peace; and our efforts to transform the lives of the peoples of Zimbabwe through good governance; non-corrupt; people centred; democratically inclusive non violent means, constitutional means; with just equality and sustainable development

HON Blessing Chebundo
MDC National Secretary For Healing: Peace: & Reconciliation

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