Youths Have The Right To Participate In August 16 Demo

Farai Dziva|The Zimbabwe Youth
Arise(ZIMYA) has urged youths to participate in the August 16 demonstration.

However the organization has stressed the need for peace before, during and after the march.

See the organization’s full statement :
The Zimbabwe Youth Arise(ZIMYA) is hereby encouraging all the youths who will participate in the demonstration to be peaceful and observe the rule of law.

We have noted that the demonstration, having been called by opposition leader, Adv. Nelson Chamisa, could trigger politically motivated violence from non-progressive elements of the society.

Thus ZIMYA is encouraging all young people to exercise restraint as they, and allow others to, likewise exercise their constitutional right.

The call comes after the increasing economic meltdown which has brought about inflation, unemployment, high costs of living among other issues which are directly affecting the Zimbabwean Youths. This has created an emotionally charged environment which may trigger violence, anarchy and crime at a time like this hindering any meaningful results from a possibly intended good cause.

It is within this context that we have found it fit to call upon all youths who intend to air their voice to the current government, as provided by section 59 of our Zimbabwean Constitution, to do so responsibly within the confinement of the law. In the same vein we also call upon the security forces and services to also observe the constitutional provisions to the letter and spirit as they facilitate a conducive environment for citizens to freely express themselves lawfully.

We would want to reiterate our commitment to Youth involvement in national discourse, constitutionalism, rule of law and democracy. Our emphasis is that we are non-partisan and we seek to promote nation building at every opportunity.

ZimYA National Information Desk

Michael Tinotenda Gatawa 263 777 888 732

Luckson Zvobgo +27789758831



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