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Android Q To Come With Focus Mode For Avoiding Distractions
Most of us know we have some issues when it comes to smartphone addiction. There have been many discussions regarding WhatsApp and how it’s affecting people in the workplace. You see it at work, in social settings and even in the home. There is a problem and a majority... Read more
RBZ To Supply Interbank Forex Market With US$500m
The Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe has announced (through their Twitter) that they will be drawing down on a US$500 million fund to supply the Inerbank foreign currency exchange market on the 20th of May. Government through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is drawing down US$500 million on Monday, 20... Read more
Microsoft To Build Development Centres In Africa Over The Next 5 Years
Microsoft has shared their plans to construct development centres at a cost of more than 100 million in the next half-decade. The development centres in Africa are supposed to work with Microsoft’s local partners and government. Microsoft also hopes to hire engineers from these centres. The initial sites for... Read more
Twitter Reacts To Econet’s New Yo Mix App
Yo Mix is back and there are some changes, whilst it’s no longer as compelling (in terms of cost of data) it’s now open to all ages which was a widely requested feature. We went through Twitter to gauge the reaction that an app that was once held so... Read more
When Yo Mix was initially launched (the good Yo Mix that is), a lot of people were calling for it to be made available to every subscriber. A lot of these people who were complaining found themselves out of the Yo Mix age ranges of 16-34 and it seems... Read more
For the first time in a while, I got an unprompted message from Econet that I enjoyed. It read: YoMix is Back! Bigger & Better with new exciting features & its now for everyone. Delete the old YoMix app & download the new one for Android on So... Read more
Too easy? Yes. Here’s all you need to do: Send one word: Airtime to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0719696102 The Techzim Market bot will reply to you with instructions on how to buy airtime of any network using EcoCash. Follow the instructions which are simply to send a message... Read more
Local Company, ZODSAT Partners UAE-Based VSAT Internet Service Provider
Yahsat graced the local internet scene last year through its partnership with Utande. The more the merrier is the name of the game. Now its ZODSAT that’s been added to the list of Yahsat’s partners in Zim. ZODSAT is a local VSAT internet service provider that’s recently made noise... Read more
The World’s First 1TB microSD Card Is Now Up For Sale, But It’s Pricey
The first microSD cards capable of storing up to 1TB(Terabyte) of data are here. If you have got $450 burning a hole in your wallet, now you can spend it on a 1TB SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card. Retail sites like Amazon will soon be stocked with this microSD card.... Read more
By Freedom Mashava THE Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has paid heed to Parliament’s call to educate consumers in remote areas on data bundle services. Gift Machengete, the Potraz director-general Phibion Chaibva, the Potraz consumer affairs manager, yesterday said the country’s data tariffs remain in line... Read more